Through which they seek to support the medical sector and community services and achieve the vision that the Kingdom aspires to for the future.

The center includes specialized and integrated medical clinics, including:

  • Zircon: It is a highly resistant substance that does not have any other metal and hides the problems suffered by the patient from gum infections and the smell of the mouth caused by metal compositions and is characterized by transparency and its transparent appearance gives an aesthetic dimension and high resistance to breakage.
  • Porcellin.
  • Fixed installations (bridges) and moving fixtures.
  • Temporarily install a formula and install a formula manufactured outside the clinic.
  • Installation of a metal stake for a broken tooth crown.
  • dental clinic medical services-
  • lactic teeth extraction
  • Root processors using a rotary device.
  • gums cleaning
  • Normal castle and surgical extraction.
  • Cystectomy.
  • Gums cleaning
  • Nerve withdrawal: Now nerve withdrawal is easier than ever as treatment can be performed during just one session without anesthesia.
  • Panorama scans of the bones of the lower and upper jaws.

cosmetics dental clinic services

Laser teeth whitening is an important thing for everyone, as many people always seek a dental clinic that offers the best, because of this “smile who has signed on to those around him” your smile is a gateway to many things, and through our clinics we provide the service with the latest devices.

Hollywood smile or what is known as celebrity smile is the perfect solution for business men and people who rely on being mixed and around people to keep their business, they are lenses that are placed on the teeth to appear properly and must be taken care of; harsh things should not be broken in the teeth in order to protect them from any damage.

  • Cosmetic fillings are the ideal solution for teeth that suffer from necrosis or fracture.
  • Supply of gums, depigmentation and cosmetic gum cutting through biolase