It is an extension to Saleh Al Othaim Trading Establishment being founded in the year 1376H (1956G) by the late Sheikh Saleh Al Othaim whereby the establishment opened its first location in the heart of the commercial business area by that time in the village of Al Gusman at Al Batha and started doing business in trading of food stuffs. In 1401H/1980G Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Trading Company was founded to continue the line through widening the business and opening wholesale and retail stores in the same activity.

The largest turning point in the company course was in the year 1410H/1990G when the number of stores reached fourteen (14), at that time the system of consumer’s wholesale trade was applied in all stores belonging to the company and as such Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Company became leading in this field. In the year 1412H/1992G, big warehouses with international standards of warehousing were opened to support growth and development of this company with its numerous centers and these warehouses were equipped with the most modern dry and cold storage in addition to increase in the distribution vehicles fleet in order to promote the service level provided to clients together with facilitating cooperation with suppliers.

The company is continuing its expansion strategy and increase of stores base all over the Kingdom according to an integrated vision and renewed concern aiming to provide distinguished and comprehensive services to all clients.

Our Vision

Better life at lower costs .

Our Mission

To contribute to enable our society living a better life consistently with the vision of our Kingdom, for :

  • Our Customers: Providing the best value, desirable quality, and distinctive experience.
  • Our employees: Providing the best motivational and developmental work environment.
  • Our suppliers: Building business partnerships based on trust and mutual benefits.
  • Our investors: Maximizing both, short and long-term investment returns.
  • Our society: Promoting sustainability, food and environmental security, and job creation.

Our Values

Responsibility, mastery, charity, trust, and honesty.