Al Faisal University was established in the year 2002 AD, at the initiative of the King Faisal Foundation, to advance its initiatives that go beyond the concept of traditional charitable work, as the first non-selective private university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that adheres to international standards of quality and pays attention to the academic student. Al-Faisal is driven to achieve excellence and success by its Board of Trustees, which is represented by local and international founders who are collectively committed to the university’s mission.

Al Faisal University began its journey with five colleges: Business, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Science. They offer world-class, high-quality educational programs at the bachelor’s and graduate levels for an elite group of outstanding students of both genders. The university also gives Saudis and non-Saudis the opportunity to join it.

Al Faisal University places its students on the cusp of success through the programs it offers, which are concerned with providing students with solid rules and foundations of skills and knowledge based on curricula chosen with great care to meet the needs and requirements of society and the labor market. Therefore, we are completely confident in the success of our graduates, who have a career full of achievement and success ahead of them, as our educational curricula, from the student’s first day at the university, focus on linking every educational step with practical practice.