Warm Welcome to the most promising International School in Al-Jouf I am delighted to greet you on the occasion of the ending this term successfully at Al-Jouf International School.

Al-Jouf International School was established eight years back as a one of branch of education institutes owned by a renowned educationist from Riyadh, Dr. Mubarak Bin Saad Bin Abdallah Sulaiman, It is primarilynglis¬†an Eh medium school with British curriculum and a valid license by the Ministry of Education, uptill “12th Grade” which is equivalent to “A-Level” with a view to provide educational facilities to all International communities. We are well on our way with our special responsibility and joy-that of cultivating ‘a mind at a time’ (your child’s mind). And as we all know ‘each mind is special’. Some minds are wired to create symphonies and sonnets, while others are fitted out to build bridges, highways and computers; design airplanes and road systems; drive formula numbe

r one; or seek cures for cancer and hypertension.

The growth of our society and the progress of the world are dependent on our commitment to fostering in our children, and among ourselves, the co-existence and mutual respect for many different kinds of minds.

I really feel and want that we all as teachers should provide students with a sense of belonging and we connect them to their community.

Globally, we want to develop perceptive individuals who have empathy for others and think about the impact their actions will have on those around them.

My greatest challenge is finding that balance between meeting the academic and emotional needs of our kids. Many of our youngsters come to school with social and emotional difficulties that must be addressed before successful, quality learning can take place.

Although the Al-Jouf International School will transcend boundaries and choices of learning for its students, it will simultaneously play a pivotal role in generating awareness and appreciation of both from the historical and cultural perspective. Different languages are also being offered to the students as a part of the Curriculum.