Alsssaraya restaurant is served special Turkish food and Delicious sweets in Saudi Arabia.

Assaraya is a family-friendly, casual dining restaurant serving delicious Turkish food.

The restaurant consists of three floors and features a beautiful interior design that reflects Turkish design with its decorations and lamps.

The ground floor seating is open for breakfast and lunch while the first and second are open for dinner and tea.

The restaurant is decorated with local animal motifs, making you feel like you are dining in the wild.

The second floor is called the Tea Garden and is dedicated to.They love to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with traditional Turkish sweets.

It has a beautiful fountain in the middle surrounded by tables as well as outdoor seating.

Most restaurant seating has curtains to give you and your family some privacy while enjoying your meal.

Their menu offers a wide range of mouth-watering dishes such as mixed grills, shawarma, mezze appetizers and pottery dishes as well as refreshing juices and traditional desserts.