Avenue Medical Group was formed in 2007 AD and took a pledge to provide the latest and finest safe medical services to the community, using the latest technological means achieved in medicine, and with touches brimming with humanity and professional ethics with high professionalism to reach patients and visitors to the peak of reassurance and medical safety.

We offer this to patients and clients in an elegant, comfortable and reassuring atmosphere.

Our medical and administrative team and support services team believe in the same goal, “providing the latest and finest safe medical service,” and thus we achieve the ability to continue serving our patients and clients.

We are also proud of the presence of the largest medical team of Saudi consultants dedicated to serving our patients and clients medically in the private sector.

We at Avenue promise our patients and clients that we keep pace with the development of scientific technologies and that we will strive diligently and continuously to develop our services and provide them with the best technologies available globally.

Yes, there are those who came before us, but we promise our patients and clients that we strive, with our ideas and our keeping up with every update in the world of medicine and science, to be the best in the present and in the future, God willing.

Our vision

Medical Avenue Complex – Avenue participates with community employees to reach the pinnacle of excellence in giving for the medical services provided and their results.

Our message

At the Medical Avenue Complex, we seek to harness all our internal capabilities in cooperation with allied hospitals and by focusing on culture and health awareness to obtain the highest quality and medical safety for the residents and visitors of Riyadh.