Improving or maintaining how you look and feel reflects all the energy and attention we want to give you, it is the ultimate expression of self-care. We are here to help you during every decade of life in treating all skin diseases while relying on the latest technologies and devices in the world of cosmetics and lasers. Dr. Abdul Azim Al-Bassam Centers Group is a chain of four branches, under the supervision of a group of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the region.
Cosmetic and laser diseases. It was established in light of long-standing experience in this field and after careful study of the market.
The center’s first branch was established in 2005 AD, and it is distinguished by its unique location in the center of the city of Riyadh, forming a central point and a distinct location that is easy to reach.
The location overlooks Al-Takhasosi Road and faces Saudi Telecom, and the Kingdom Tower is located to the southeast of it. With the development of the medical sector and the increase in demand for dermatology, cosmetic and laser treatments, we expanded our activity and the number of our branches reached 3 branches, namely, Al-Rayyan, Exit (13), and Al-Rawdah, Exit (9).
In addition to the main center, the centers provide integrated therapeutic services in The field of dermatology, cosmetology and laser, where all types of modern devices in the world of cosmetics were introduced to the centers, including: Althera for skin tightening, CoolScapulatink for body sculpting, and all types of laser devices for hair removal for all skin types, and finally the latest hair removal device was introduced, which is Clarity. 2, in addition to the introduction of Fractional, Scarlet, and Secret Duo devices, in addition to other procedures in the world of cosmetics, including: fillers of all kinds, Botox, meso, plasma, stem cells, threads to tighten the skin, and skin glasses injections, where the total number of devices is about 77. Device, as progress and technological development in medical devices are always followed.