In 1985, a group of businessmen in Jeddah called for the establishment of a non-profit private school that would provide the people of Jeddah with a distinguished education, similar to what prestigious schools offer in the United States and Britain.

The primary motivation behind establishing schools is the belief in the importance of the child’s personal and emotional development in the embrace of his family, instead of the alienation that distances the child from his national, Arab and Islamic environment, and distorts his emotional development.

Because it is far from tenderness and direct care for the family, and provides a high-end and distinguished education in the Kingdom, balancing Islamic culture, community values, and learning through modern science curricula.

The founders carried out a huge donation campaign, during which they collected approximately seventy million riyals, and schools were established on a plot of land as a grant from the Supreme Council, with an area of ​​100.00 square metres.

Schools were built on the idea of ​​mixing engineering significance with the human idea of ​​learning and teaching.

There is a fixed axis and moving dimensions that rotate around the center flexibly and easily.

Faith and belonging are both an established axis, around which knowledge and science revolve with links connected to this axis.

Thus, the idea of ​​wings was parallel to the system of planets traveling in space in a circular motion around the center of the sun.

All sides of the buildings were also used to be multi-purpose, so that they would be a gathering place for physical development through sports and physical education, and spiritual growth by making it a mosque for prayer and social activities.

The teaching halls overlook these spaces and are connected to them by hearing, sight, and insight that influence and are affected by them, so the person becomes a learning being in all circumstances and times.

Boys’ schools were opened in 1985 AD, followed by the opening of the girls’ school in 1986 AD, then a separate building for the kindergarten was established in 1998 AD.