We also mixed the methods of these prestigious schools to provide a wonderful taste that suits the taste of the Arab region through professional Chinese cooks. We worked hard for more than 20 years to continue in our excellence and development in this field, with a great and suitable environment for this vast kitchen. We also aim to make a satisfactory impression for our customers, so we have established a group of branches throughout the Kingdom.

Durrat China Restaurants were established in 1994 and started to focus on providing high quality food. Our restaurants have developed from year to year to keep pace with changes in the restaurant market in line with our customer taste and expectations.

One of the key reasons of the success of our restaurants is the ability to continue to strengthen our competitive position in all regions of the Kingdom by maintaining the quality of our products and applying the best practices in all of our activities.

we have started in the city of Jeddah. We are still adhering to our main principle (the quality). Quality is our strong foundation, so our management is making every effort to ensure that our growing volume does not affect the quality of our food, to preserve our restaurants’ heritage and to provide world-class food.