At Akthar Medical Center, we offer ICSI, ICSI, general surgery, and high-risk pregnancy follow-up. We have achieved high success rates in all assisted reproductive treatments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which include ICSI, artificial insemination, natural fertilization, and Choosing the sex of the fetus, pre-referral diagnostic tests to detect hereditary diseases, chromosomal analysis tests to avoid the risk of recurrent miscarriage, as well as male infertility operations and other precise and specific treatments and operations.
The CEO’s vision formed the cornerstone for building Akthar Medical Center, a consultant specializing in obstetrics, gynecology, and in vitro fertilization, where he began working in the field of in vitro fertilization since 1982.
We are also proud of the team working at the center, which is an elite group of doctors who use new and innovative techniques to treat all cases of infertility, as each couple’s condition is evaluated individually and then a special treatment plan is designed for them. Akthar Medical Center seeks to develop medical protocols and take advantage of modern technology in order to provide the best possible service to couples who are experiencing difficulty conceiving, and thus reach the highest levels of success.

Our mission

 To become the most leading clinic in the field of providing integrated health care through a group of departments and medical services of high quality to improve the lives of patients and our care for them. With our constant keenness to constantly update and keep pace with everything new

Our vision

 Ikthar Medical Clinics gain their leading role by containing specialized departments in all cases of delayed childbearing and infertility treatment according to the latest medical equipment. Through our vision, we seek to expand and provide more integrated medical services with the highest levels of international quality.