At First Step International Schools, we believe that every learner is a leader and that tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

We have a firm belief in the power of education.

We work hard to provide the best learning environment for our children because we believe the future depends on them and that is it The reason we motivate them and encourage them to achieve lifelong success.

Offer a wide range of opportunities for children to develop morally, socially and spiritually in a safe learning environment where we trust and value one another.

We encourage children to think for themselves and become independent.

We focus on values such as: trust, respect, communication, understanding of their rights and responsibilities within and outside the school community, and the opportunity to learn from others, regardless of their creed, color or culture.

Educational curricula from international companies authorized by the Ministry of Education. Using the latest technology for education.

Recreational and educational trips related to the school curricula.

Purposeful educational programs and activities that develop students’ skills and raise their self-confidence.

The first years of childhood are the best stages and opportunities to build a strong foundation that guarantees children’s success in school and life, and provides them with a strong bridge that enables them to communicate with others.

Special interest in the objectives of all areas of growth, education and work to acquire life experiences for children by providing an appropriate environment.