We provide general dentistry, dentistry for children, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthetics, implants, cosmetic dentistry .

A completely American approach is used which means emphasis on preventative dentistry. Under the supervision of the dental hygienist, emphasis is on an individual prevention program tailoring the home care regime and recall to each patient’s specific needs. We have a large hygiene practice with many patients regularly returning for 3 and 6 month cleanings to maintain healthy gums.

In addition, emphasis on patient safety is also stringently practiced at GAMA Dental Clinic. All instruments are heat or chemically sterilized, including even the dental hand pieces or drills, which are often ignored in many practices. The water supply to each unit is separate and bottled water is used rather than tap water. This is to ensure that only clean water is used. The water lines are also cleaned with a disinfectant solution daily to prevent bacterial growth. The dental chairs, counters and any equipment used during previous treatment are either covered with new barrier film during each use or sprayed with disinfectant.

Cosmetic dentistry has always been an important part of our practice and continues to grow as more and more of our patients want the most beautiful, youthful smile they can have. We do tooth whitening, bonding, braces, highly aesthetic crowns, veneers and cosmetic periodontal surgery.

We are an amalgam/mercury-free practice. With today’s emphasis on cosmetics and the improvements in cosmetic tooth colored filling materials, there is no need to place black or silver colored metal fillings in your teeth containing the highly toxic, heavy metal mercury. Although many studies show that these metal fillings do not cause health problems, most people, given the choice, don’t want this type of mercury containing fillings in their mouths or their children’s. Many dental offices still use these metal fillings mainly because they are much easier, take less time and effort and are cheaper to do. Also, a poorly done tooth colored filling will not last long. We at GAMA are willing to take the time, effort and expense to do highly aesthetic, long lasting tooth colored restorations for you.

All appointments are scheduled except for the occasional emergency, so that each patient will have their own personal time with their dentist and their dental team will have sufficient time to do excellent treatment in an unhurried manner.

GAMA Dental Clinic started with a staff of five and grew to its present staff of 40.

Dr. Fisher, who started the practice, stayed on as director until July 2000 and was replaced by Dr. Robert Parks. a top graduate of the Medical College of Virginia with a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1983 and has been working at GDC since 1990. All associate dentists are highly trained and experienced. All assistants and hygienists are dentists themselves. All of the staff ascribe to the company philosophy of giving our patients the best care possible. You will receive consistently high quality care no matter which dentist you see and you will have a personal assistant taking care of you and only you from the time you enter the treatment area until you leave.

Our very highly trained and motivated staff continues to make great effort to consistently provide high standard, excellent quality care to thousands of loyal, discerning patients who want the best treatment possible.