The University of Hafr Al-Batin was launched with an academic impact from two ancient schools, the University of Dammam, through the colleges of education for girls in: Hafr Al-Batin, Al-Nairiya, Qaryat Al-Olayya, and Al-Khafji.

All of which were under its umbrella, and the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals through the Community College and the university colleges for boys under the umbrella of the mother university in Dhahran, which continued from its inception until the date of the university’s announcement.

We realize that a successful university in its institutional sense is one that has an insightful vision and a clear, purposeful mission from which it derives its strategic plan and builds its future path and approach.

This success comes as a natural result of good planning, good implementation, and good follow-up.

Therefore, in order to form a new generation capable of working, dealing, and building the knowledge economy led by innovation and modernization that leads to the renaissance of the nation, we at the University of Hafar Al-Batin were keen to crystallize these visions on the ground, proceeding to our goal through…

Working in the spirit of one team within the university or when interacting between the university and society, responding constructively to the requirements of the labor market by emphasizing the strength and quality of academic programs, building the individual well through them, and preparing him for a changing world that requires positive interaction with its data, adopting and adopting knowledge as a basic focus of the education process, which It includes basic concepts such as acquiring, producing, and transferring knowledge, as well as promoting a culture of innovation and creativity, stimulating the spirit of interaction with all sectors of society, institutions and individuals, in order to achieve the goals of comprehensive development, and establishing solid foundations of academic and professional cooperation with a group of long-standing and leading universities around the world.

To the definite benefit of the university’s male and female students.​​