At The Institute of Public Administration, they are aiming to contribute to achieving administrative development and facing existing and future administrative challenges, in a way that serves comprehensive development issues in The kingdom.

The latest institute system issued by Royal Order No. (M/49) dated 8/2/1426 AH confirmed that the Institute of Public Administration is the central training, development, and consulting body in the administrative fields of government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Scientific Council at the Institute of Public Administration was established in 1422 AH, and since that date it has been carrying out the tasks assigned to it in the required manner, and there is still an urgent need for further development and excellence.

The Scientific Council deals with many issues and tasks contained in the higher education system and universities, and one of the most prominent tasks is deciding and recommending decisions on academic promotion, sabbaticals, and other related issues.

The nature of the Council’s work is to receive faculty members’ requests for promotions and deal with them in accordance with the promotion system in Saudi universities.

They are then referred to the permanent committees of the Council to study and recommend them, and then they are submitted to the Scientific Council, in addition to the other tasks of the Council mentioned in the regulations of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Management. the public.