In response to the clamor and desire of the many officials and staff of the Philippine Embassy in Jeddah, as well as the Filipino community, the Philippine School in Saudi Arabia (PSSA), now called the International Philippine School in Jeddah (IPSJ) was founded in 1981.

With a permit from then Philippine Ministry of Education Culture and Sports, it started operating with 16 pupils in the elementary level, and a teaching staff of less than 10.

As years went by, the enrollment steadily increased and in 1986 the Government Permit to Operate the secondary level was likewise granted by the Philippine Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS).

The PSSA was considered as one of the Embassy’s education and cultural activities, and as such was under the Embassy’s supervision through the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah.

The first Philippine School in Saudi Arabia was established during the time of Ambassador Alejandro A.

Yango and Consul General Ali Taupan with Rosemarie Villamor as the first school directress.

With the establishment of the other schools in the Kingdom, the name Philippine School in Saudi Arabia (PSSA) was changed to Philippine School in Jeddah (PSJ).

Having been granted a Permit to Operate as an international school sometime in 1996, it opened its doors to foreigners who sought entrance into the institution after obtaining their permits from the Saudi Ministry of Education.

In 1997, after 16 years of providing quality education to children of Filipino migrant workers, the school was privatized with parents as owners, pursuant to the mandate of the Saudi Government.

To date, the IPSJ has produced graduates who now hold prominent positions such as diplomats, lawyers, engineers, doctors, teachers, etc.

around the globe, and who render actual services in their respective fields.

They are the living witnesses of the school’s commitment to provide world class and quality education to Filipinos and non-Filipino children in Jeddah.