Jazan University  is a public research university based in the city of Jazan in Saudi Arabia .

Founded in 2006, it is the province’s only university and one of the largest public, nonproft institutions of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The total number of university students by the end of the year  exceeded 56 thousand male and female students.

JazanU offers a broad range of academic departments, an extensive research enterprise and a number of community outreach and public service programs.

It is particularly well known for its medical school, dental school, school of business, its social sciences and humanities programs, as well as its biomedical teaching and research capabilities.

Jazan University was established pursuant to Royal Order No. (1396/M/B) issued on 04/30/1426 AH corresponding to 06/07/2005 AD.

The colleges were: (Medicine, Engineering, Computer, Information Systems, and Society), which are the nucleus of the university.

Then it included the Teachers College, which was established in 1401 AH (1981 AD), and the colleges of education for girls, which were established in 1412 AH, corresponding to (1992 AD), located in the region.

Then other colleges were added to it, which continued to be established.

By the end of the year 1435 AH, corresponding to (2014 AD), the number of its colleges reached (23). Four university agencies, nine deanships, and eight institutes, centers, and support units were also established at the university.