Jeddah Prep and Grammar School opened in 1967, as The International British / Dutch School.

It is a diverse community dedicated to educating brave, innovative and confident children to their highest academic and creative potential.

JPGS recognises the responsibility we have for the future success of all members of our community.

We understand the core focus of every school is teaching to ensure quality learning.

The acquisition, retention and application of knowledge and skills through explanation, experimentation or experience which leads to a transformation of thinking, increased capability and behavioural change in the future.

Our Vision for the school is set out in the aims below:
To be a community dedicated to providing children with the very best that British international education has to offer
To stand proud as a beacon of academic excellence
To be a community where pupils learn the lessons of lasting impact and true worth: self-discipline, integrity of character, care for others, and a sense of values.
To encourage the fullest development of each individual’s personality and talents.
To foster intellectual development, while equally establishing a strong sense of community, moral character and self-confidence.
To place a strong emphasis on cultural awareness, creativity and sportsmanship
To ensure all members of our community are able to expect to live and work in a safe and secure environment.
To act in open and honest partnership with families; effective communication, tolerance and mutual respect are at the heart of this.

These elements combine to provide our pupils with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a globally mobile, competitive world.

We apply our core principles across all areas of school life. Keeping these principles in mind in terms of our pedagogy, behaviour and expectations on a daily basis helps us work cohesively to implement the vision for our school.

Academic Excellence
Curiosity and Innovation
Cultural Dexterity
Collaboration and Communication
Mutual Respect
Security, safety and happiness