The beginning of the journey of Al-Kurdi Pharmacies came through its first branch in Riyadh in the Salah Al-Din district, and as a result of the great success achieved through the first branch, the second branch was opened under the name Al-Shiraa Pharmacy in 1409 on King Abdulaziz Road in Al-Murasalat district, north of Riyadh.

Al-Kurdi and Al-Sharaa pharmacies provide various services in a manner characterized by good organization, planning and cooperation by the management and pharmacists at the level of providing medicines, offers and the service of requesting unavailable medicines.

With the advent of 2013, the Kurdi Pharmacies Group added its third branch on King Abdul Aziz Road in Riyadh, opposite the Hariri Mosque in the Salah al-Din neighborhood.

Through its three branches, Muhammad Saleh Kurdi Company offers many services and products, such as cosmetics, baby care products, and a skin and hair care section, in addition to a special section for medical devices that affect the needs of our daily lives.

Our message

Always striving to provide the best services and provide medicines and products that contribute to improving and developing care and attention to the public health of the community that we have been serving for more than 30 years.