This was the beginning of the dental implantation process, as the Lotus Medical Complex was interested in choosing the best and strongest metals used in the dental implant process. Titanium metal was chosen after several studies and research were conducted on it, which subsequently proved its suitability to the jaw bone and the body’s acceptance of it. The Lotus Clinics Complex also used it. The medical center provides the best modern techniques for the dental implant process, including through regular surgery or through the use of laser. The Lotus Medical Clinics Complex also features different types of implants, whether internal or superior.

The Lotus Medical Complex also did not neglect the treatment of dental problems, such as dental fillings, as it learned about the reasons for the need to use this procedure, such as the presence of bacteria in the mouth, eating many meals, or drinking sugary drinks, as well as neglect in cleaning the teeth, as the Lotus Medical Complex pays attention to With the patient since he entered the clinic to repair his damaged teeth due to decay that may penetrate the tooth tissue and the outer layers of the teeth such as enamel and dentin, and in order for the dental fillings process to give positive results, the Lotus Medical Complex was interested in choosing the best special and common types used in dental fillings, including silver amalgam fillings, fillings. Ceramic, composite fillings, glass fillings, as well as gold fillings.

In order to complete dental care and care, the Lotus Medical Complex paid attention to the nerve treatment process, as it is known that dental nerve infections are caused by several factors, including neglect of dental and oral hygiene, infection of the tooth itself with inflammation and neglect of its treatment, as well as exposure to various fractures, and infection of the gums with infections that may reach the roots. Teeth and neglecting to treat caries, as the Lotus Medical Complex was concerned with treating the inflammation of the dental nerve, either by opening the pulp of the tooth, or cleaning the inflamed nerve from bacteria, or adding a peg to the affected tooth, and sometimes the specialist doctor would crown the affected tooth with an artificial crown, and the Lotus Clinics Complex did not neglect this. Medical techniques for dental treatment and the development of these techniques, where x-rays are used to determine the depth of the affected root and then clean the pulp completely.

The Lotus Medical Complex did not specialize in dental care and treatment for adults only, but also placed the teeth of our children and children at the center of attention, care, and care for them and their dental health. Because dealing with children’s dental treatment has a special status, a special technique was used in order to avoid their feeling of pain, so the interest was in dental treatment for children. Using laughing gas, as it is used as an anesthetic for the teeth, and its use is not limited only to children, but it can also be used for adults.