The management of the Malaz Medical Complex, affiliated with the Malaz Medical Group, has spared no effort over the course of 30 years in providing a distinguished medical model for medical services in all medical specialties, so that the patient finds all the medical specialties they aspire to in one place to alleviate the patient’s suffering and obtain the medical services provided.

With the latest medical devices and modern medical technologies, the quality of medical care has been the basis of our principle and excellence for thirty years.

This has resulted in our complex receiving more than a thousand visitors daily to improve health care.

In our pursuit of excellence as a primary goal of improving the quality of our medical services provided, our medical services include all basic medical specialties under the supervision of an elite group of consultants and specialists, taking into account experience in the specialty, high academic degrees in the most famous Arab universities, European and American academic degrees, and scientific excellence.

Medical services for all specialties were also integrated electronically to preserve all patient data for reference at any time and to remove the hardship for the patient from any waiting for administrative matters, so that all transactions, from visiting the patient until he obtains all medical services, became electronic.
In an effort by the complex’s management to ensure that the medical team is highly efficient and in all medical specialties, all clinics and departments have been provided with the latest medical equipment and medical instructions and inquiries, according to which the patient can obtain his medical services with ease.

Special section has been allocated for women, taking into account complete privacy and equipped with rest rooms, a sufficient number of bathrooms, and all amenities needed for visits to the department, and a special section for customer service and receptionists to answer all inquiries.