We offer our patients the best effective services, as well as various types of diagnoses and treatments thanks to our clinic doctors, without the need for long awaiting times.
At Ural, we have redefined the dental clinic, transforming it from a ponderous and scary visit to your dentist, to an exhilarating visit accompanied by rest and relaxation.

Our mission

is to attain healthy teeth capable of carrying out their primary task, which is to chew food well and healthily, and in second place to take care of the smile to become more beautiful and radiant.
Your comfort comes first, while our experts help you get your healthy, splendid smile that you came for. You’ll enjoy comfortable amenities, a tranquil atmosphere and upscale treatment.
From it was launched our vision “Changing the experience of the patient for the dental clinic, we have taken care of the smallest details in building a luxurious environment and a charming atmosphere inlaid with some soft music, and fine treatment that befits your position, to spend a charming time with us, and we have provided you with all the treatment you and your family need, whether in fillings, fixtures, whitening, dental implants, and others in one place.
We feel proud on taking care of your health and wellness, by taking care of your oral dental health, and offering you a personalized integrated treatment approach. Everyone who visits our clinics receives the highest possible level of care. We use the latest technology available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The doctors in our clinics work around the clock to develop their knowledge to ensure that our patients receive the best and most comfortable care. Over the years, we have developed a thorough knowledge of the references through thousands of patients treated by our elite doctors and consultants, taking care of the smallest details from the quality of the equipment to the periodic sterilization systems, as well as the staff.

All of this plays a role in finding a dental clinic you can trust, in which we achieve our mission “to provide the highest quality and professionalism in dentistry to all our patients without exception, in addition to serving them in an exceptional and unprecedented way from the beginning of their communication with us until after the end of their session.”