It is one of the administrative regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its emirate is based in the city of Buraidah.

It is characterized by an abundance of groundwater, and supplies the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the finest types of dates and vegetables. Its most important cities are: Buraidah, which is the largest city, Unayzah, Al-Rass, Al-Mudhanb, Al-Bukayriyah, Al-Bada’i, Al-Khubharat, and Riyadh Al-Khubarat. Al-Asiyah, Uqla Al-Saqur, Dhariya, Uyun Al-Jawa, and others.

It is mentioned that Antarah bin Shaddad, Zuhair bin Abi Salma and his son Kaab bin Zuhair were among the pre-Islamic poets who lived in this geographical area, and the latter was the one who praised in his famous poem The Station of Prophethood, may God bless him and grant him peace. .