Refresh Clinic is a dermatology, cosmetic and laser clinic and includes a number of specialized and distinguished doctors such as the Saudi dermatology and cosmetic consultant Dr. Saad Al-Saadan, who holds a number of international medical fellowships from American and Canadian universities and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of dermatology, cosmetics and cosmetic injections.

Refresh clinics are considered one of the finest and largest dermatology, plastic surgery, dental, skin and body care clinics in the Kingdom. They include: (dermatology clinics – plastic surgery – dentistry – orthodontics – laser treatment – skin care – laser hair removal) in addition to being equipped with the latest modern technology devices in Plastic surgery and medicine.

Our vision

For Refresh clinics to become a destination for discovering the secrets of beauty.

Our mission

Providing the latest internationally recognized medical and cosmetic services and technologies under the supervision of an experienced medical staff who hold international certificates to instill confidence in our customers.