They are a leading educational company, established in 1995, providing comprehensive educational programs for all educational levels, from kindergarten to high school, in two tracks “general and international”. The company is proud of obtaining several international accreditations from AdvancED, AIAA and NESA, in addition to being accredited as an official training center for the SAT program.

It holds the ISO certificate since 2002 until today, and is approved by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The teaching and administrative staff are qualified and dedicated to teaching and caring for students.
Study programs that follow national and international curriculum to ensure students’ academic and personal development.
Bright and spacious classrooms equipped with the latest educational technology and electronic devices.
Focus on active and interactive learning and the application of creative ideas and smart solutions.
Diverse programs in arts, music, sports, science and technology.
Sports and health facilities such as swimming pools, gym and playground.
Training programs such as the robotics program to teach students modern techniques and engineering analysis.
Student interaction and cooperation with external groups and field visits to local and international institutions.
A holistic approach to the personal, social and spiritual development of students.