Rubu’a Al Hekma Global School Since 2014, they have been providing successive high-quality British mainstream, education across academic year groups from Foundation Stage 1 to second stage grade 8.

They Provide a quality education in light of the educational policy of the Kingdom; through an attractive educational environment, pioneering community partnership and effective and productive employment of information and communications technology in the teaching process, to ensure the achievement of learning outcomes that carry positive societal trends adapted to the requirements of the modern era. In an era with so many distractions in life, they recognise the importance of providing their students with vibrant, fresh and engaging academic stimulus and positive social influences during their educational journey.

We are proud to be an independent British International School! What makes us British? We follow the National Curriculum for England to the end of Year 8

We benchmark ourselves against private and leading state schools in Britain. We have long-standing links with British universities.