In all its activities, the university is committed to establishing a set of values ​​represented in:​Responsibility: Taking responsibility towards oneself, the academic community, and society in general.​Respect and appreciation: Respect and appreciation for all university employees and partners. Transparency and accountability: Dealing clearly and openly in all work with faculty members, employees, and students, according to… A clear mechanism for accountability.​

Responsible freedom: Granting sufficient and controlled freedom to faculty members, staff, and students. Quality and Excellence: Constantly searching for the best policies and practices and working to implement them with a high degree of quality. Creativity: Encouraging creative ideas and solutions in the fields of research, teaching, and administration, and rewarding those with purposeful initiatives.​Leadership: Support and encourage leadership roles at all levels.

Readiness and flexibility: the ability to respond quickly to changes in the internal and external work environment. Justice: Emphasizing equal opportunities in admission, employment, and dealing fairly with everyone. Futurism: Focus on anticipating the future and commitment to continuous planning.​

In order to achieve the university’s vision, mission and values, Taibah University is committed to working to achieve its seven strategic directions as follows:​Excellence in teaching and learning. Developing scientific research and postgraduate studies to serve community issues. Building a real partnership with the community. Continuous improvement of the university’s administrative and financial organization. Diversify sources of income. Building an attractive and integrated university environment. Raising the status and classification of the university locally, regionally and globally.​