Patients from all Saudi cities flock to it, and this great fame came as a result of the trust that the center was able to gain after its successive successes in cosmetic dentistry.

The White Wing Medical Center provides the latest medical equipment specialized in oral and dental surgeries, the finest types of prostheses, and internationally approved cosmetic veneers. The center also pays great attention to achieving the highest standards of sterilization and attention to public health. The center also provides documented guarantee certificates for all cases of zirconium or Emax dental prostheses and other cases. Cosmetic teeth using dental veneers, which guarantees patients credibility and warranty.

The White Wing Center has received many positive reviews on search sites and social media sites from patients who dealt with it and obtained successful results for the cosmetic procedures they performed.


White Wing Medical Center offers many dental treatment and cosmetic services , which include the following: Hollywood smile, dental lumineers, dental veneers, laser teeth whitening, tartar cleaning, teeth polishing, fixed dental implants, removable dental implants, zirconium implants, dental implants. Emax, porcelain fixtures, metal braces, clear braces, cosmetic dental fillings, traditional dental implants, immediate dental implants, interdental gap treatment and gum supply.

Medical team 

The White Wing Medical Center includes a group of oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry experts who possess great experience, superior skill and precision in performing many dental procedures to provide the best medical and cosmetic service. In order for patients to obtain satisfactory and successful results, the center also includes a team of certified health care providers who are interested in providing distinguished medical service to meet patients’ needs and care.

The White Wing Medical Center is replete with a distinguished administrative staff who cares about organizing patient appointments accurately, in addition to its comfortable design that guarantees the patient an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. All of this is done within a package of attractive competitive prices and wonderful seasonal offers.