Abha International Private Hospital has entered the field of integrated health care more than twenty years ago with a clear vision and fixed values ​​that include providing superior care to the people of the community, maintaining excellence and leadership in the field of providing and developing medical services in accordance with the latest international systems and standards, and to become Abha International Private Hospital It is the first choice in the southern region to receive health care, as well as the first choice for distinguished competencies and expertise.

Now, after this period, the family of Abha International Private Hospital still believes in the need to increase investment in the medical sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and that this investment must cover the largest area of ​​the Kingdom’s land. In order for the company to remain a pioneer in this field, it must always be interested in development and modernization in the medical services it provides in cooperation with international medical partnerships to provide everything new in the field of health care for patients.

Achieving this message requires us to be precise in selecting hospital cadres, whether medical or administrative, according to the highest levels of expertise and efficiency, in accordance with the strategic plans set for that.
Our role is not limited to providing methods of prevention and treatment only, but also goes beyond that to educate and raise awareness of the community towards health problems and diseases that may negatively affect the march of development plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this stems from our sense of responsibility towards our society and from our national duty towards our people. The global private Abha to play a positive and effective role in achieving this by holding many lectures, awareness seminars, and field visits to various bodies, institutions, and companies to activate the humanitarian message of the private health sector, in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030
Everything we do stems from the community’s trust in us, and our ability to achieve the highest international standards in quality and patient safety, and that our primary goal from which we proceed is to maintain the safety and security of all.


we committed to providing superior medical services that add value to our patients, their families, our stakeholders, and our community as a whole according to the highest standards of quality and to maintain the safety of patients using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods.


Excellence and leadership in the field of providing and developing medical services according to the latest international systems and standards. Hayat National Hospitals Group aims to become the premier healthcare provider and the employer of choice drawing the best talent and professionals

We seek to be

Your first destination for integrated and optimal health care by providing superior patient care, emphasizing the patient’s privacy and being committed to cover the health care for all citizens and residents of the Kingdom.

Continuous cooperation in the development of knowledge and using the latest technologies to achieve comprehensive medical care.

Adopting the best employment policies to recruit and attract the best qualified medical staff and work on developing their skills, thus contributing to raising production rates