The hospital has seen since its inception and to date many of the developments, including the following:
  • Conduct the first open-heart surgery in the Middle East at King Faisal Military City in 1395, corresponding to (1975 m) with the participation of a medical team from the United States of America .
  • Conduct the first successful heart of the process of the transfer of the southern region on 09/01/1419 H corresponding (05/05/1998 m) .
  • opening diseases center and dialysis hospital armed forces in the south a year (1989) in collaboration with the Hospital of Liverpool in the United Kingdom and Hospital in Riyadh armed forces, and is one of the leading members of the Kingdom cultivation centers, and is the second largest center hospitals of the armed forces in terms of the number of patients growers, as it currently ranks of the leading success rate of the operations centers .
    Over the course of four decades ago was the development and expansion of hospitals facilities to become today a monument medically integrated in the southern region, where it was lifting bed capacity for up to 571 beds, and the target in the near future to launch the hospital as a city medical integrated centers and disciplines, has therefore been developing all medical services and add many subspecialties of all medical departments as follows:
  • Expansion Department of Obstetrics and diseases with a capacity of 60 beds and 25 beds for newborns .
  • expansion of the hospital’s operations, up two operations to become (9) operating rooms .
  • expansion of the intensive care unit for newborn babies with a capacity of 56 beds instead of 36 beds .
  • Develop Nuclear Medicine Department .
  • Develop and spine surgery unit, the first unit on the level of the southern region .
  • Reload most medical diagnostic devices and medical sections .
  • establishment and operation of a building with a capacity of specialized clinics (45) Clinic .
  • the development and operation of clinical nutrition building .
  • the opening of two centers for family medicine and community and family doctor in both cities Ahad Rafidah and Abha. .
  • Create a new expansion of the hospital of the armed forces in the south with a capacity of 156 beds by 120 to hypnosis and (13) of intensive care and (23) of the unity of perspectives and daily surgery, also it includes a number (5) operating theaters, including three major and two operations Minor .
  • Create Prince Khalid bin Sultan Center for heart diseases in Southern Region with a capacity of 70 beds, and includes between the flanks number (9) family to take care of the heart and (9) beds for intensive care and (22) hypnosis Men bed and (20) hypnosis women Beds & (10) hypnosis cot in addition to the three cardiac catheterization labs, two heart operations and the number (5) Clinics in addition to the heart clinic for children, and offers multiple medical services, including:  all kinds of open-heart surgery  Cardiac Catheterization and expand the arteries  planting Pacemaker  Radiological examinations of the heart .
  • Raising the clinical power of the Department of laundry disease status and dialysis at the hospital from (40) unit washing bloody device and Breton to the number (75) device for washing working day by three periods, including (70) device for washing adults (men and women) and (5) devices for children , is the blood washing only for children in Southern Region, which serves nearly section (150-180) patients, and the number of beneficiaries of patients from agriculture center diseases and dialysis at the hospital between the period of (1989 -2022) Report (761) planter .
  • diabetes center with a capacity of 52 specialized clinic by (8) diabetes for adults Clinics and (6) of the Juvenile Diabetes and (6) for pregnant women and (6) for the treatment of insulin intensive and (6) of the insulin pump and (10) Clinics specialist for diabetic complications of the disease (heart, kidneys, eyes, teeth) in addition to (10) clinics to care for diabetic foot wounds, skin and nails and mechanical foot, gypsum, splinting, and a clinic for treatment with oxygen, as will center a special section of health education and the department of nutrition also exists a private drugs diabetes and laboratory blood Pharmacy Center .
  • new expansion Dental capacity (32) clinic, in addition to the new medicine center and dental surgeries with a capacity of (64) clinic between the specialist and the general and involving also the (3) rooms for surgery and (4) Rooms for sober and (16) beds to hypnosis and plant a sophisticated and (4) Rooms Central rays and three-dimensional CT and on the lecture hall equipped with the latest modern techniques of laser device (barely cam cad-cam), which is an add-great leap to the beneficiaries of therapeutic service for the current Clinics capacity (37) clinic, bringing the total dental clinics to (133) Clinic .
  • Renovation of the emergency department in accordance with the requirements of the International Commission for the adoption of health facilities (JCI) .
  • expansion of the current Nursing Institute in preparation to convert it to the College of Nursing awarded bachelor’s degree .
  • Development of a training institute for boys and turn it into a center for health studies give technical diploma in emergency and first aid, pharmacy, nursing and respiratory resuscitation disciplines, as well as update all its specialized laboratories .
  • For the Central Laboratory and Blood Bank Department of the hospital on the certificate of international recognition and passing the assessment by the American College of Pathology for the period (seventh), respectively of 2002 and into 2014, and also has a certificate recognition from the American Association of Blood Banks and the holder of the (Nine) consecutive times from 2007 to 2022 .

Work is underway on the projects currently implemented

  • Expansion of the intensive care unit with a capacity of 8 beds, bringing the total number to 24 beds .
  • The expansion of the central sterilization and operating rooms coefficient .
  • Establishment of women and childbirth and child center with a capacity of 300 beds .
  • Create an emergency and injury center with a capacity of 200 beds .
  • Create a kidney center with a capacity of 160 beds .
  • Create oncology center with a capacity of 70 beds .
  • Create a health center with a capacity of 50 beds, King Khalid air base .
  • Create a building with a capacity of Specialized Clinics (200) Clinic .
  • Establishment of physical therapy and rehabilitation medical center .
  • Create building Family and Community Medicine .

Our Vision

A sustainable healthy community for the associates of the Ministry of Defense and their families

Our Mission

We promote healthy lifestyle for the personnel of Ministry of Defense and their families and adopt best practices in digitalization and knowledge management and collaborate with the ingdom’s healthcare sector to provide integrated preventive and medical services in a professional manner and in line with the international standards of quality and safety at times of war and peace.