Elite Hospital in the capital, Riyadh / Tahlia Street, is considered one of the institutions of Elite Medical Doctors Company. It has gone through many stages of development since it was opened in April 1997 as the first day surgery center in the Middle East and the Gulf until it became a hospital that includes more than 20 specialties, 55 clinics, and 100 beds.

Thanks to God, then the efforts exerted by all those responsible for it and their tireless keenness to pay attention to carefully selecting medical and professional competencies, as well as to pay attention to the supporting services in a way that achieves comfort for the patients, so that it always keeps pace with the continuing medical development in Riyadh in particular and the Kingdom in general, which made it one of the best medical service providers in Riyadh. It has now spread over an area of 30,000 square meters and provides the highest levels of therapeutic services 24 hours a day. It is distinguished by the presence of an elite group of the best consultants and specialists in various medical specialties, as well as an administrative staff that closely follows up on patients and overcomes any difficulties they may face while receiving therapeutic services.

As it includes a number of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy units that are used as upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy units, arthroscopy, abdominal endoscopy, ear, nose and throat endoscopes, urinary system endoscopes, gynecological endoscopes, surgical endoscopes, and surgical endoscopes. the public.