It is noteworthy that Haql General Hospital performed 333 surgical operations, including 92 one-day operations, during the past year. It is one of the modern hospitals in the region with a capacity of 100 beds. It has also been reinforced with the latest medical equipment and qualified medical, technical and administrative personnel. For the second time in a row, the hospital recently obtained accreditation from the Saudi Central Council for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI).

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Health increased the capacity of its hospitals in 2017 by 1,822 beds. Thus, the total number of beds becomes 43,675 beds instead of 41,835 beds. This came within the framework of the Ministry of Health’s efforts to enhance the hospital’s capacity to accommodate inpatient departments and reduce hospitalization waiting lists. By the grace of God, this led to positive improvement of the Ministry of Health’s medical services and enhanced patient satisfaction. To this end, the Ministry of Health opened new hospitals, enhancing the existing capacity of hospitals by hiring more doctors and adding more beds.

The Ministry of Health stated in its achievements report for 2017 that the percentage of one-day operations increased from 44% to 55% (with a total of 112,095 one-day operations). Waiting lists have also been reduced by providing health facilities with the necessary equipment to perform one-day operations, in addition to the main indicators for increasing the number of this type of surgery.