Magrabi Hospitals & Centers has been expanding to cover more of the Middle East & Africa, including More than 32 hospitals and centers in Five countries. Magrabi ophthalmology team includes more than 300 physicians, 600 nurses and 40 optometrists. The facilities host 40 operating theaters and 25 Excimer laser machines.

Magrabi Hospitals centers was Founded in 1955, Presently, we are existing in 26 Locations and 6 Countries across Middle East.

We have evolved from a simple Eye hospital in Jeddah, the first private specialized facility in the Middle East and Africa, to become the largest and first sub-specialized medical care network in the GCC, providing eye care to more than 1,000,000 patients and doing more than 100,000 sight preserving surgeries annually.

In 1997, Magrabi Hospitals & Centers associated in partnership with AMI Saudi Arabia Limited (established in 1980 by The American Medical International Company that is one of the largest hospital management companies in the USA).

Over the years, MAGRABI Hospitals & Centers has become a symbol for excellence in the Ophthalmology, ENT and Dentistry care fields for its heritage, the most skilled internationally trained doctors, exceptional services, state-of-the-art technology and ultra modern facilities offering world-class healthcare services.