Rijal Almaa Hospital seeks to provide high-quality health services to improve the health of the community in the governorate and its surrounding areas. The hospital’s professional healthcare team works with high efficiency and enthusiasm, using medical technology in a safe environment, focusing on patient expectations and satisfaction.

The hospital, which is the largest of its kind in the world, provides more than 30 health services, including virtual radiology, critical care, and virtual service for brain electrical patients, and is operated by more than 73 health practitioners in various specialties. It comes within the framework of the health sector transformation program, enabling digital transformation, supporting innovation and the use of… Modern technologies and enhancing spending efficiency, within Saudi Vision 2030.

The Seha Virtual Hospital began providing its services, in an effort to create added value in the level and quality of health services provided, which has witnessed, globally, a growth in the use of modern technologies, and an expansion in the employment and investment of medical robots, to save time and effort to alleviate the hardship of travel and transportation, and for critical cases that arise. It requires specialized, accurate and rapid consultations while facilitating the provision of health services at home.