The Director of Turaif General Hospital, Mr. Khaled Muhal Al-Ruwaili, inaugurated the visual communication medicine service in the neonatal care unit, in the presence of the Medical Director, Dr. Zahoor Al-Fahiqi, the Director of the Nursing Department, Mr. Badr Enad Al-Madharsh, and a number of directors of departments and departments in the hospital. This service aims to provide remote health care for newborns, where doctors specialized in the field of neonatal medicine can view the condition of newborns through video communication cameras with the Seha Virtual Hospital that were installed in the neonatal intensive care department, and provide advice and guidance to doctors and nurses. Those in the hospital. Professor Khaled Al-Ruwaili confirmed that Turaif General Hospital is the first hospital in the region to launch this service in neonatal care. He stressed that the visual communication medicine service will contribute to improving the quality of health care provided to newborns, and raising the level of safety in the intensive care unit, and it will also contribute to saving time. And the effort on doctors and nurses. Al-Ruwaili added that the hospital is keen to provide the best health care to patients, and that the visual communication medicine service is one of the steps through which the hospital seeks to achieve this goal.

Turaif General Hospital has served more than 142,000 patients, with 74,977 emergencies, 67,234 outpatients, in addition to 6,512 inpatients.  The hospital, also, performed 1,367 one-day surgeries, 474,032 lab tests, 30,800 various radiology examinations, 4,626 dialysis sessions.